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Benefits of a Flat Roof on Commercial Properties

Dispersed among the mostly sloped and pitched roofs of Vancouver city homes, flat roofs are seen on the many condo and apartment buildings popping up in the city. They can also be seen on local shopping malls, warehouses and any of the industrial buildings still seen in some neighbourhoods in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

Flat roofs are typically preferred in commercial applications, as this type of roofing offers a number of advantages:

  1. Roof Shape is Most Cost-efficient – Provides the ability to use all space directly below and also above the roof. Many house solar panels, rooftop gardens or rooftop decks for extra recreational space in cramped city locations.
  2. Require Less Material for Installation – The surface area of these roofs are smaller, therefore less material is required.
  3. Stronger & Lasts Longer Than Sloped Roofs – Flat roofing material will typically outlast that used on sloped roofs providing for a longer term installation, if properly maintained.
  4. Ease of Installation on Tall Structures – Providing access to a high sloped roof can increase production costs dramatically on a commercial sized application.

If you are looking at re-roofing and need recommendations on the best roofing system for anything from a small scale apartment building to some of the giants found in the older neighbourhoods of the city, would be happy to come out and discuss your project, and provide an estimate for the work.

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