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Maple Ridge Roofing Services | For more than 20 years, home and business owners across the region have counted on Direct Roofing for total roofing services in Maple Ridge.
Maple Ridge Roofing Services

Residential and Commercial Roofing in Maple Ridge

For more than 20 years, home and business owners across the region have counted on Direct Roofing for total roofing services in Maple Ridge. Our team combines decades of experience with a true commitment to your satisfaction to deliver stellar results.

Our experienced roofers know that every roofing project is different. Each home or business we work on requires a different approach to ensure success. When you hire our contractors for Maple Ridge roofing repairs or installations, you can expect clear communication from beginning to end. We’ll work with you to answer any questions you may have in detail and present all your options, keeping you informed every step of the way.

A Full Range of Options for Roofing in Maple Ridge

For complete roofing, Maple Ridge property owners choose Direct Roofing for prompt and professional service. We’re proud to offer a range of services, including:

Certified Roofers for Your Peace of Mind

When you hire us for Maple Ridged roofing work, you can rest assured that a certified team of professional roofers is working for you. We’re proud to be certified by the Better Business Bureau and insured through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Direct Roofing Roofing is committed to safety and top-rated roofing in Maple Ridge.

Schedule Your Free Estimate in Maple Ridge

Ready to schedule your free estimate with Direct Roofing? Our expert roofers will visit your home or business, inspect your roof and give you a roofing estimate you can trust. Contact our team today to learn more about our complete range of roofing services in Maple Ridge and surrounding areas.

Maple Ridge Residential Roofing

Choosing a roof is not an easy task as there are a great number of excellent residential roofing options available today. You’ll need to consider several factors and do a vast amount of research in order to make the decision you won’t regret.

This may seem like a lot of work, but the best thing about this versatility is the fact that you are guaranteed to find a great roofing solution regardless of your budget. Our experienced specialists will help you do this by providing advice and explaining the pros and cons of every option available.

Feel safe, and reduce your energy bills. We are specialists in residential roofing services in Maple Ridge, BC including: repairs, re-roofing, and maintenance

Maple Ridge Commercial Roofing

  • Installation. We will install any type of commercial roofing popular in Maple Ridge. Industrial systems you can choose from include, but aren’t limited to:
  • Renovation. Depending on the type of commercial roofing you have and its condition, renovation may require over-cladding (adding new layers over the original material) or stripping and re-sheeting parts of the surface. Our skillful technicians will assess your current system and develop a cost-efficient renovation solution.
  • Repair. Highly qualified technicians from Direct Roofing. can perform any kind of repairs quickly and efficiently. For the workmanship, we offer a10-year guarantee. Our emergency repair service is available 24/7.
  • Maple Ridge Maintenance. Maple Ridge Repairs can be extremely expensive, but in the majority of cases, they can be avoided by regular maintenance. A personalized maintenance program can be developed for your business to ensure maximum protection and cost-efficiency. In order to keep a commercial roof in Maple Ridge in good condition, it needs to be inspected and cleaned on a monthly basis.

You need to know the condition of your roof. That’s why we offer comprehensive roof inspections. We’ll help you to understand what areas of concern exist, if any. And, we’ll provide you with full photos and explanations of what’s happening on your roof. Our full report can also help you with any insurance needs you may have.

Our roof inspection report includes:

Your inspection report includes:

  • A complete visual inspection of the roof and exterior products
  • Photos with clear explanation of potential envelope risks
  • A repair estimate, should any risks exist

There are many times when roof repairs are necessary. That’s okay when you trust our team to help you find the problem and to fix it. Our roofing repair services are extensive. Our goal is to help protect your home, but also to keep your costs in line. There are many times when the roof repair work is minimal and inexpensive, but saves you a considerable cost by preventing further damage. And, then there are other times when more extensive damage already exists, and repairs will likely be more expensive and time consuming. We’ll help you in all situations. Our Maple Ridge residential roof repair services include:

  • Patching missing shingles
  • Siding repairs
  • 24/7 emergency roof repair
  • Replacing missing fascia, soffit or eavestroughs
  • Attic inspections
  • Solving condensation issues
  • Verifying potential leaks
  • Annual maintenance

If you need services beyond this, just let our team know.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing comprehensive new roof installation services for homeowners in and around Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. The core of our business has centered around roof replacement of sloped roofs, shingles and more. Our roofers are versatile enough to handle any roofing job, no matter how big or small. We offer residential roof replacement services for the following types of roofs:

  • Residential steel roofing including full residential metal roofing systems
  • Residential flat roofing
  • Residential roofing shingles of all styles
  • And more