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Metal Roofing | Direct Roofing provides exceptional metal roofing installation services for residential consumers, businesses, and homeowners.
Metal Roofing
At Direct Roofing, Vancouver Metal Roofing we use only the highest quality materials that are available on the market today. Colorfel line of products by voestalpine are engineered to withstand the toughest degrees of stress, all while helping you save money and contributing to keeping our planet green.


One of the main benefits of installing a metal roof is its longevity. Depending on the quality of the material and environmental factors, metal roofs can last 40 to 70 years. Since an average lifecycle of a traditional asphalt roof is 10-15 years, metal roofs can outlast asphalt by 3-4 times. There are many factors that influence the longevity of any roof, however corrosion resistance and UV resistance are the main features that will keep your metal roof rust-free and prevent discoloration.


Metal roofs will not corrode or crack, and offer great impact-resistance (depending on what type of metal you choose and its thickness). In addition, unlike cedar/slate/tile roofs, metal roofs do not require costly periodic maintenance which can cost you hundreds of dollars each year (and will increase the roof ages). You also do not need to clean your eaves-troughs from roofing material residue, usually the case with asphalt shingles.


Metal roof will not catch fire or ignite into flames during a wildfire or lighting strike. In addition to that, metal roofs are light and do not add unnecessary weight to your roof (important during winter months).


Metal roofs reflect up to 70% of solar radiant heat. In addition to that, at Direct Metal Roofing we provide double (horizontal and vertical) strapping between the actual metal sheets and the roof deck. As a result, your house will have complete roof deck and attic ventilation which will decrease your energy consumption from 10-25%.


Metal roofing materials offered by Direct Roofing is 100% recyclable. By installing a metal roof you will play your part in helping our planet stay green while keeping thousands of pounds of hazardous waste out of our landfills. Currently, re-shingling of existing roofs adds up to 20 billion pounds of waste each year. Voestalpine has made it their top priority to engineer and manufacture products that are environmentally friendly and compatible. Since 1998, the colorfel line of products has been produced with 0% chromate and 0% chromium, and substituted with natural alternatives which actually increased the longevity and durability of the product.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Solutions provides exceptional metal roofing installation services.

Metal Roofing

Direct Roofing provides exceptional metal roofing installation services for residential consumers, businesses, and homeowners. Located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Metal Roofing Solutions serves consumers and contractors throughout Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley.

Imagine a new Metal Roof - Beautiful, durable and equipped with a lifetime warranty. We don't just sell metal roofs, we believe in the Metal Roofing Solution.



Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Abbotsford

Metal Roofing and the Elements

Because of the properties of metal roofing, it is a great single choice in areas that:

  • are heavily forested
  • receive regular snowfall
  • experience windy weather
  • are prone to hail

Metal roofs are not susceptible to moss and algae so you’ll never have to be concerned about repairing a roof because of damage from moss. Even shallow angle metal roofs shed snow very easily. Fresh and lighter weight snow does collect but after the temperature rises only a few degrees, the snow will slide right off. Your roofs heat retention is minimized because metal reflects up to 70% of the sun’s energy. Metal roofs are far more energy efficient roofing material than others.