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Skylight Repair & Installation | Looking for a professional and experienced company in Abbotsford & Vancouver, to brighten up your home with a new skylight?
Skylight Installation

Professional skylight repair & installation

Skylights Repair Abbotsford

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Skylights Installation Vancouver

Skylights Installation Abbotsford

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Professional skylight repair & installation | Looking for a professional and experienced company in Abbotsford & Vancouver, to brighten up your home with a new skylight? 
skylight repair & installation


The Vancouver weather pattern is world renowned for being fickle and full of rain. Those gray days can be dreary and feel like they suck the life out of you.

A skylight can bring natural light into your home and brighten up your mood as well as your living space.

The horror stories we have all heard about skylights leaking are certainly not good but it is not the fault of the skylight. Incorrect installation of a skylight can lead to thousands of dollars in damage and repair bills.

Why is Direct Roofing and Waterproofing any different? The technology used in skylights changes rapidly. We stay up-to-date with training and information to make sure your new skylight will be a valuable asset in your home.



Skylights are energy efficient with Low E, Argon filled, and made with double tempered glass that keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

If you are tired of artificial light in your home or want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room, consider installing a skylight! Our contractors have years of experience installing skylights in Vancouver homes and will work with you to decide on a custom size and design to brighten your home.

As an overheard window, a skylight offers a ton of natural light and adds that airy feeling in any home. They are an attractive way to add light and can be installed very easily on most roof designs.

You may consider adding a skylight in any of the following rooms of your home:

  • Bathroom - reduce energy and brighten an upstairs bathroom that may not have an exterior window
  • Kitchen - provide a welcoming and bright atmosphere in the heart of your home
  • Bedroom - create an oasis in your bedroom and wakeup each morning to beautiful, natural light

By installing skylights in your Vancouver home, you can make a small dark room seem much more spacious. It is important to choose a professional contractor who has years of experience installing skylights and who will use the proper tools to get the job done right. At Direct Roofing, our contractors will consult with you before performing the work and will develop a personalized solution for your home.

Skylights today are very different from what they used to be. In fact, the unattractive acrylic dome that leaked is now rarely used. Instead it has been replaced with durable flat glass. This is not only nicer to look at, but also more efficient.

There are many possibilities and designs to take into consideration. You also have the option to choose a skylight that is operable. This means not only will you have that airy feeling in your home, but you can also choose to open your skylight to actually allow air to flow into your home!

Another alternative feature of skylights is tinting and built-in blinds, which will help control the transmission of both heat and UV rays. There are many choices to make when selecting skylights for your home in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. With our help at Direct Roofing and Contracting, we will ensure that you are happy and satisfied with the end result.

Our Process

More than just cutting a hole in your roof.

Professional skylight repair & installation Vancouver


Mark the position of the skylight in the ceiling and cut the hole after careful measurements have been taken

Professional skylight repair & installation Abbotsford


Mark the position of the skylight in the roof and cut the hole after careful measurements have been taken

skylight repair & installation Langley


Install the skylight in the roof

Skylight repair & installation Mission


Install the shingles and flashing around the skylight to restore the watertight integrity of the roof

Skylight repair & installation Maple Ridge


Finish the interior of the skylight cavity

Professional skylight repair & installation Coquitlam


Check the skylight, roof and interior for leaks. Enjoy the sunlight!