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Roof Replacement or Repair Dilemmas

Homeowners and home buyers alike often dread hearing roof repair or roof replacement after an inspection is conducted on their property due to the costs associated with them. Roofs should, after all, have about the same life span as the house itself. However, if the house is located in an area tormented by harsh climates like heavy snowfall in the winter or go through hurricane or windy seasons, its roof may take a beating and can be damaged more quickly.

On the other hand, if your roof has cracks and openings, you and your family will be susceptible to water damage inside the house that can spell more trouble and expenses for you. Contacting a roofing contractor can help you in assessing the extent of the damage, recommending a solution, and giving you a cost estimate, but you also need to verify these through their references or a second opinion. You would also need to decide on whether it would be more practical in the long run to replace the whole roof or merely repair the damaged part.

As with any major house repair or replacement, you may have to think these through and understand that in as much as you may not be able to afford the costs, you also cannot afford to allow your investment to fall into disrepair.