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Flat roof out of sight out of mind?

Did you know that the term out of ‘sight out of mind’ dates back to the 13th century?  We’re not trying to be clever because we didn’t know that either,  but the phrase crosses our minds on an almost daily basis – why does everyone wait for the weather to get bad before doing anything about replacing that roof they know is leaking or needs repair?  Answer – Dry weather = out of sight out of mind.  Wet weather = urgent repair needed!

Perhaps the same analogy could be applied to a gas boiler – how many of us ignore it completely during the summer months and then the nights start to get darker and the evenings cooler and all of a sudden we think – we better get the boiler serviced before the cold weather starts.

The trouble with a damaged flat roof is that it can, and will, inevitably cause other problems with leaks into the roof space and even into the house itself.  The fact is that during the dry weather it is much more likely that you’ll be able to find an installer who’ll be able to get the job done.  A Which Trusted Traders report that we wrote about in a previous blog shows that trades people, particularly roof installers, are particularly hard to find during the winter.  Delaying a problem is unlikely to make it better.  A poorly performing or damaged flat roof is NOT going to improve with waiting.

If only we could persuade homeowners, who have a problem with their roof, to take action during the milder months. Of course there’s a million things we’d rather be doing –  holidays, World Cup, Golf, BBQ’s – but think of the time saved not having to hunt around for an roof installer when they are all booked up in October. Frustrating, stressful, time wasting and possibly costly.

Out of sight, out of mind can sometimes work to our advantage on a personal level but when it comes to a flat roof then give it a bit of loving care and take away the worry.  Perhaps it would be better to say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Could we persuade you to Love your Flat Roof and give it the care and attention it needs?

by Jane Grimwood