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Gutter Repair Specialty Gutters: Hidden & Built-in Membrane Gutters
Replacement of rotten fascia, cap flashing and gutter membrane.

Built in or hidden EPDM membrane gutter repair is too challenging for some companies, but not for North Shore Home Services. Our experience allows us to maintain these complex systems

These kinds of unique systems can be challenging because they may have been built with the home, possibly by framers who didn’t understand drainage very well. These drains may need frequent maintenance because they don’t have adequate slope.

Hidden gutter repairs, cleaning and installation in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Call 778-552-ROOF for a free quote
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I can’t see you but you need to remember me because hidden gutter maintenance is important!

Hidden Gutter Repairs

Also known as Rubber Gutters because of the materials used in its construction, the main problem with leaky hidden gutters is the installation process and not the materials.  The seams and drain spouts are the most common sites where leaks occur.

To avoid leaks and ensure proper installation, the surface must be cleaned, scrubbed, primed and patched.  Some caulking at the seams will finish the job off nicely.  This process is used in both new roofs as well as repairs.