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Gutter Repair Langley Specialty Gutters: Hidden & Built-in Membrane Gutters
Replacement of rotten fascia, cap flashing and gutter membrane.

Built in or hidden EPDM membrane gutter repair is too challenging for some companies, but not for North Shore Home Services. Our experience allows us to maintain these complex systems

These kinds of unique systems can be challenging because they may have been built with the home, possibly by framers who didn’t understand drainage very well. These drains may need frequent maintenance because they don’t have adequate slope.

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Langley’s Gutter Repair Experts

Protecting your home from flooding and water damage, your gutters need to be working properly. We provide eavestrough repair Langley residents depend on to keep their homes protected. Whether it’s leaks caused by improper installation or failing joints, our gutter repair experts will solve your problem quickly and affordably.

With over ten years experience providing services throughout the Fraser Valley, we’re Langley’s top choice for eavestrough repair services. Our technicians are highly trained, friendly professionals with coverage and full liability insurance. Providing industry leading customer service, we’re here to help.

Professional Gutter and Downspout Repair

Hiring someone to handle your gutter and downspout repair services is one of the smartest moves you can make as a property owner. This work is not easy for the typical homeowner or property owner to manage on their own with limited experience and resources.

Full gutter restoration services

Eavestrough repair and cleaning is our speciality. Our team is experienced in providing inspection, cleaning, and restoration services. From locating problems with downspout outlets, to mending failing spikes and damaged ferrules, we will solve your problems quickly and affordably. We take the worry and danger out of maintaining your eavestroughing system, allowing you to enjoy your property.

We repair rain gutters and downspouts, and provide full service including:

  • Sagging gutters
  • Leaking gutters
  • Corner leaks
  • Soffit repairs
  • Overflowing gutters
  • Patching eavestrough holes
  • Leaking downpouts
  • Blocked downspouts
  • EPDM Gutters
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • And more…
    Inexperience can lead to injury

For some, climbing ladders to inspect your gutter or downspout may not be a complex task. One must consider the potential danger that is present in these working conditions. Many well-intentioned, good people have been seriously injured trying to save a buck, or even just experiencing the thrill and pride of working their own property.

Trust the professionals

As a professional gutter and downspout repair service provider, our team is skilled and competent in the entire process. Possessing the necessary tools and equipment to carry out the work. We have the right ladders and associated attachments to perform all eavestrough repairs without damaging your property.

Affordable, quality service

Offering the best rates and practices in the industry our team provides high-quality fixes for problematic downspout and gutters.

Gutters fail in a variety of ways, it could be faulty or incorrect installation, or wear and tear from the elements resulting in rust, corrosion, or loose joints. A common problem that gutters and eaves experience is leaking from the seams. This is due to a failure of the compound that seals these seams. Seam repair is the process by which we mend gutters the joints between sections of gutter and thus prevent leaks. This work also includes gutter corner repair and gutter joint repair.

Our team is experienced in effective repair, maintenance, and rehabilitation of gutters. Performing gutter leak repair is the best way to solve leaking and associated problems such as flooding and water damage. In event, this work aids prevention of problems due to subsequent problems associated with excessive moisture on the exterior of the property or in the foundation.

Home maintenance is an on-going project. It’s important that damage mitigating systems, such as your gutters, are regularly inspected and when necessary have routine maintenance performance. Gutter maintenance is important; ignoring a small problem with your gutter system can lead to larger, and much more costly, problems down the road.

Sagging gutter repair is one area we are experienced in repairing. Regular inspection and associated maintenance solves this problem in many properties. Having your gutters inspected bi-annually, early spring and early autumn, is a good idea to ensure it they working properly.

Residential gutter repairs are quite a common occurrence across Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley. Our winters are harsh and falling leaves during autumn place quite a burden on these systems. While eavestrough cleaning can mitigate these problems, damage does occur from temperature fluctuations.

Commercial properties also require regular inspection, maintenance, and gutter repair. Our technicians are versed in commercial gutter repair in addition to house eaves repair services.

We service Langley, to discuss commercial service please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.