New Westminster’s Flat Roof Replacement Specialists

Your investment in a waterproofing system should be based on selecting flat roofs which is designed to be most cost effective over the entire lifecycle of the assembly (typically 20 plus years). Key to keeping flat roof replacement costs down and extending the life of flat roofs is to provide for periodic maintenance, especially on commercial roofs.
Most common for use in residential flat applications are two-ply, modified bitumen membrane systems. Direct Roofing is a certified installer of IKO modified bitumen membrane systems which provides homeowners with a superior standard of installation quality.
For commercial and industrial flat roof applications TPO and EPDM and PVC represent the most commonly applied water-proofing assemblies.
Direct Roofing specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of various residential and commercial roofing systems. We are pleased to supply abundant references of our work for the benefit of homeowners, property managers, condominium corporations, corporate clients, institutional customers, hi-rise and individual building owners.
Our courteous and experienced representatives are trained to evaluate and provide our clients with cost effective solutions for correcting existing leaks, roof replacement and maintenance solutions designed to extend the life of your flat roof investment. Contact us at 778-552-7663 today to request an estimate for flat roof installation or fill out our estimate form.
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