What you should know … Replacing a roof is no easy task. You need to hire a contractor, select products and choose colors. It’s a lot. Before making the investment to improve your home, one thing you should also pay close attention to is the shingle warranty, because warranties are not all created equal. There are many common misconceptions about shingle warranties and what they cover. CertainTeed, which offers the most comprehensive warranty options in the industry, wants to give it to you straight and answer your most common questions clearly and simply. Because, if you have a better understanding of how warranties work and the available options, then you can make a more informed decision and have greater confidence in your roofing choice.

1. I’m looking into buying a new roof and want to understand what a Manufacturer’s warranty means.

In a nutshell, CertainTeed Roofing product warranties cover you if there is a problem with your shingles due to an issue that occurred during the manufacturing process. This issue is commonly referred to as a manufacturing defect. It is important to understand that CertainTeed’s shingle warranty is a commitment to stand behind our shingles against manufacturing defects for a specified amount of time.

2. What do you mean by a manufacturing defect?

A manufacturing defect means that the shingle was not manufactured to product specifications or does not meet CertainTeed’s standards. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and quality control measures, CertainTeed goes to great lengths to ensure that its shingles are made to well proven specifications so that the occurrence of a manufacturing defect is avoided.

3. What should I do if I think my shingles have a manufacturing defect?

If you suspect that your issue is manufacturing-related and your roof is less than one year old, you should ask your contractor to contact a local CertainTeed representative. If your roof is over a year old, you can go to www.ctroof.com to submit a claim to CertainTeed.

5. How are CertainTeed’s warranties different from those offered by other companies?

Other companies will only cover you if the manufacturing defect affects the shingles’ performance or results in the roof leaking! With CertainTeed shingles installed on your residence, if you have a manufacturing defect you will be covered whether your roof is leaking or not during the entire warranty coverage period.

4. If it is determined that my issue is a manufacturing defect, what exactly am I covered for?

This is where it helps to understand the warranty coverage that comes with your shingles. Referring to our Asphalt Products Limited Warranty, let’s use CertainTeed’s Landmark® PRO, installed on a single-family, detached home, as an example. Landmark® PRO carries a lifetime, limited warranty with 10 years of SureStart™ protection. A “limited, lifetime warranty” means coverage for as long as you, as an individual homeowner, own your home — NOT for the life of the home. This also does not mean the shingles will last a lifetime. The shingles’ life span can be diminished due to the impact and severity of weather conditions, freeze/thaw cycles, UV rays, etc.

“SureStartTM protection” provides full replacement coverage within years 1-10 in the event of a manufacturing defect. CertainTeed will pay to tear off the old roof, dispose of the material, replace with new shingles and metal flashings, and pay for the labor to install them. This is referred to as the “non-prorated” period/ coverage.

Landmark® PRO also carries 15 years of limited coverage against:

  • Shingle blow off for winds up to 110 miles per hour.
  • Growth of blue-green algae.

6. What happens if there is a manufacturing defect with my Landmark® PRO shingles after 10 years?

Starting at year 11 and as long as you live in that home, you are covered for the shingles only. You will receive a percentage of the original purchase price of the shingles — a number that gradually decreases each month as the roof gets older. This is referred to as “prorated coverage.” You would be responsible for paying to tear off the roof, dispose of it, and install the new shingles.

7. If I sell my home, is the warranty coverage for my Landmark® PRO roof transferable?

Yes, it can fully transfer once. If the transfer occurs during the SureStart™ period, the lifetime warranty is reduced to a 50-year warranty for the subsequent owner. If you sell your home and transfer the warranty to the new owner after the SureStart™ period has expired, the warranty period is two years for the subsequent owner.

8. Do all CertainTeed roofing products come with a lifetime warranty?

No, warranties vary by product. Most CertainTeed shingles carry the same type of warranty coverage as Landmark® PRO, but some have less coverage. Please refer to the written, limited warranty for specific shingles and coverage details.

9. Do you offer any type of extended warranty program like they do for electronics and cars?

I want to install my roof and not have that worry.

Certainly. After investing money in a new roof, the last thing you want to worry about is buying another one. CertainTeed offers three levels of extended warranty protection, which, simply put, are an extension of our SureStart™ protection.

10. What are the options?

CertainTeed offers SureStart™ Plus 3-Star, SureStart™ Plus 4-Star and SureStart™ Plus 5-Star warranties. As you can imagine, the higher the number, the better the coverage. Let’s break it down using our Landmark® PRO example on a detached, single-family home:

  • SureStart™ Plus 5-Star is the best extended warranty you can obtain. With 5-Star coverage, you are fully covered for 50 years in the event of a shingle manufacturing defect. This includes the tear-off of the old material, disposal, new shingles and the labor to install them. In addition, CertainTeed also warrants your contractor’s workmanship for 25 years.
  • SureStart™ Plus 4-Star coverage includes all of the elements of the 5-Star except the contractor’s workmanship.
  • SureStart™ Plus 3-Star coverage fully covers you for 20 years and does not include disposal of the affected material or the contractor’s workmanship.

Please remember: This extended warranty coverage is for manufacturing defects, not for normal wear and tear over the shingles’ life span.

11. How can I take advantage of this?

CertainTeed authorizes only credentialed ShingleMaster™ and SELECT ShingleMaster™ contractors to offer SureStart™ Plus warranties when they install the components of CertainTeed’s Integrity Roof System™.

12. Why can’t just any contractor offer these extended warranties?

Contractors who participate in our ShingleMaster™ and SELECT ShingleMaster™ credential programs have passed a series of installation and business-oriented courses that prove to us that they are willing, able and interested in providing the best possible installation and service to their customers.

13. Can CertainTeed shingles only be installed by CertainTeed ShingleMasters™ and SELECT ShingleMasters™?

Any roofing contractor can install CertainTeed shingles. However, if they don’t carry one of these two credentials, you won’t be able to take advantage of our extended warranty options.